How about it?  Sounds like a great idea and why?  Maybe because it’s better to get along, more rewarding, more meaningful rather than to destroy each other just because things are not going our way.  How about…it’s better to love your fellow person, to help them to be successful and get the most of their life adding to a more positive world.  Wouldn’t that be great?  A wonderful place where we all genuinely care for each other.  A place our children can get the most out of and make positive contributions to our world.  Unfortunately, we all look out for our own best interest instead of someone elses.  All of us are guilty of this.  A shameful sinful nature within us.  It’s amazing but throughout our history there has been constant war due to things not going the way we want them to, not being fair or equal.  What has it done for us?  Are we better as a result of it, killing each other, not caring about the other persons family you just shot.  I realize governments are to blame mostly…but seriouly…in whose best interest?  Certainly not the man that was just killed fighting for that particular government.   Why can’t we think what’s best for the world? Okay, I realize this is just another blog with someone who is sick of the way our world is and would love to see a better world we are all capable of.  Imagine, the great minds that would be produced with the goal of helping our world.   I guess I’m interested in others views on peace.  I realize it’s a pipe dream but I still like to pray for it and solicit ideas or thoughts about it.